Kokomo Urban Outreach

Moving from Dependence to Independence

ManUP is a mentoring and employment readiness program to help  young men  develop skills and strengthen ties to family and community.

StepUP will coach and provide tools needed for  young women make money by  owning their own business, as well a building character and  teaching life skills along the way.

Food To You is a rolling food pantry that rolls into the following neighborhoods:

1st Wed: Kokomo Urban Outreach Home and Hoffer 10 AM-11AM  

                Reformation Faith Ministries, 1300 S Courtland 12-1pm
2nd Wed: Carver Center, 1030 N Purdum 12-2pm
3rd Wed: Kokomo Regency Trailer Park, 4508 E 200 S 12-1pm
4th Wed: Pine Valley Community Room, Center Rd 12-1pm

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